AYIC is Platform for young african kids to showcase their innovation and creativity.
It is annual contest where kids are invited to submit innovative projects in target areas or categories. The Challenge is open
to african kids that have any of the african countries as their country of origin.

Thematic Areas

Our maiden edition is focused on three(3) thematic areas which are:-


The African continent has the world's poorest health care systems to combat prevalent ailments and diseases such as HIV, TB, Mental Health, Maternal Health, Ebola and most recently Covid-19. These disease have large impacts particularly on children and women. We are seeking digital tools, innovations (including apps and other mobile/web/data enabled tech) for these important health care areas that can inform, educate, communicate and connect people to treatment, support and care through their reach and information and improve health outcomes.


Managing packaging waste from the increasing consumption in Africa is a challenge for many communities. We are seeking sustainable innovations that will better address waste management, environmental conservation, and other innovations that has the potential to reduce or eliminate waste and better protect the environment.


Africa is significantly burdened by the challenges of insecurity. People, communities, regions and countries are being threatened regularly. We are looking for innovations (this can include apps, softwares, hardwares) that has the potential to make people and places safer. This innovation can be in the areas of surveillance, tracking devices among others.

Frequently Asked Questions?


AYIC is the acronym for African Young Innovators Challenge. It is an annual contest for kids between ages 6 and 15 to develop and showcase innovation in thematic areas.

Kids can apply by visiting the AYIC website (ayic.kidstech.africa) and create a profile and complete the application process

Yes, the competition is


for all participants. There is no registration fee. If your team is chosen to advance to the Final Stage, All costs, including travel and other expenses are the responsibilities of the participants or team.

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Win 5000 USD in cash and benefit. The winning innovation get up to 5000 USD in cash and benefit as well
as opportunities to develop the innovation into a viable product.